Scrub – 25 min 45€

Relaxing – 25 / 50 or 80 min 45 / 70 / 100€
Comfort Massage-Treatment with personalised oil. A marvelous moment of relaxation.

Deep tissu ou massage profond
25 or 50 min
45 / 75€
Very deep tissue massage, deep in the muscles and joints.

Sporting – 25 or 50 min 45 / 80€
Massage-Treatment for muscle combining pressure points, stretching and drainage
maneuvers in order to promote muscle recovery after sports. Reduces stiffness by
encouraging blood circulation and lymphatic irrigation while detoxifying the muscle mass.

Ayurvédique – 50 or 80 min 75 / 100€
Traditional Indian massage. Allows to drain the toxins accumulated in the body towards the digestive sphere so that they can be eliminated. Provides relaxing action on both the physical and the mental.

Stone Therapy – 50 or 80 min 80 / 100€ Treatment combining manual techniques with hot oil and modelling with basalt stones. Relaxes the nerves and muscles profoundly, aided by the warm stones.

Massage Sérénité – 25  ou 50 min 45 / 65€
From the 4th month until the end of the 8th month of pregnancy. To prepare your body and skin to live the expectation of baby. Relaxing massage with 100% organic neutral care oil, adapted to the needs of pregnant women. Comfortably installed, this cocooning treatment relieves the back, alleviates the legs and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Slimming – 25 min 50€
Toning Massage-Treatment for the circulation, combining kneading and roll, deep kneading, beating and friction with essential oils.

Mud wrap – 25 min 45€
Care associated with slimming. Eliminates toxins, purifies, and absorbs excess fat. Reduced cellulite. The sprouting regenerates the skin and gives it its elasticity.

Specific Care Back – 50 min 80€
An exfoliation, hot water spraying, uncrusting comedones and a back massage. A care to find a clean skin and without blemishes and to resolve the tensions.