The mesotherapy or “MICRO-NEEDLING” technique consists in creating multiple micro-perforations in the skin, forming channels going to the dermis:
these “micro-traumas” cause stimulation of fibroblasts and activation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
We thus observe an accelerated natural cell regeneration.
The results can be intensified by the addition of active ingredients (example: hyaluronic acid serum) which will penetrate thanks to the micro-channels created.


Classic session *  150€

4 sessions *  550€

5 sessions *  680€

Body stretch marks and scars  Quotation

*including mask fitting + LED at the end of the session 💆🏻‍♀️☺️
A deposit of 70 € is required for this service.
The packages are to be paid in full.
The rest of the service is paid on site. Please note that no deposit is refundable if you do not show up for the appointment. To postpone the appointment, you must notify at the latest 48 hours before it.


When to use MICRO-NEEDLING ?
• Dull and dehydrated skin
• Improved skin texture
• Improved skin tone
• Pores
• Acne scars
• Stretch marks



The automated mesotherapy technique or “micro-needling” or regeneration of the skin by micro-puncture is carried out using Dermapen.
It is a motorized pen on which adapts a sterile disposable tip made up of very fine needles which create micro-perforations.


Make-up removal and disinfection of the skin
Application of active products to the skin (added with a local anesthetic)
Performing successive passages with the Dermapen so as to cross all the zones well
The depth of micro-injections is variable depending on the different areas of the face (from 0.25 mm to 2.5 mm) and according to the indications (2 mm in the treatment of acne scars).
All areas of the face and neck can be treated in 20 to 30 minutes.
For the body depending on the areas to be treated.


The consequences of mesotherapy :
An erythema (redness) is observed after the “micro-needling” session. Its intensity is directly linked to the type of skin and the depth of the treatment.

For very superficial treatments (0.25 to 1 mm), the redness and the feeling of heat (type “sunburn”) observed at the end of treatment only last a few hours.

For deeper treatments (greater than 1 mm), slight bleeding is observed during treatment and the redness will persist for 1 to 2 days.
• 12 hours after treatment: do not wash your face or expose yourself to the sun.
• 24 hours after treatment: do not expose yourself to the sun and put on make-up.
• 48 hours following the treatment: light makeup but no foundation or powder on the face.
• 3 days following treatment: no swimming, sauna or tanning in the cabin.

Thereafter you must protect your skin from UV rays at all times with the help of a sunscreen suitable for your skin type.

End of session collagen mask + LED


The recommended “micro-needling” protocol is 4 to 5 sessions 2-3 weeks apart.
It is however possible to carry out 1 session of micro-needling punctually for a “radiance boost” but the effects will be less lasting.
The number of sessions can be increased to 6 or more in the treatment of acne scars and stretch marks.