Soin Éclat de Givre – 25 min 60€
An express treatment that demonstrates all the benefits of the Pure Altitude line, giving an instant glow.

Bol d’Oxygène – 50 min 80€
STraditional facial designed to relax and make the complexion glow. Massaging the reflex zones of the face induces a profound sense of well-being.

Soin Sève de Vie – 80 min 100€
Glow and Anti-age
This treatment combines all the qualities of the Pure Altitude Sève de Vie range and cryoderm treatment : it makes the complexion glow, smoothes the skin and activates cell regeneration. The complexion becomes luminous and even.

Soin LIFTAlpes – 80 min 110€
Anti-age and Lifting
A combination of lifting and firming modelling, effleurages, pinching, kneading & rolling massages and smoothing treatments redefine the facial oval: the face is visibly lifted and skin is plumped.

Soin pureté au masculin – 50 min 80€
A purifying, hydrating treatment especially for men, where the skin is cleansed in depth to regain freshness and purity.